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Thanks for your interest in Music Reference and RAM Tube Works. Located in Santa Barbara, California, we strive to provide top-quality power amps and pre-amps and the finest custom-matched tubes in the world.

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The Virtues of Power Tube Matching

Some amplifiers don't have enough range on the bias pots to handle the range of tubes so that selection must be made from a particular part of the curve to achieve bias. In the "good old days," I'm told, the spread of values was much less, allowing reasonable performance with random selection. Today, however, random selection is certainly not recommended.

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Tube Improvements: Emmission Labs

These tubes are full-wave rectifiers of a special kind, and electrically equivalent to the original Western Electric historical tubes. The series connection makes the middle of the filaments to be virtually grounded, when using a filament supply winding with a center tap.

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Where Is the Next Generation of Audio Engineers?

For 20 years, I have put out the call to young people all over the world to come and work with me. A few have come, but as the years go by, they are fewer and fewer...

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